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 Drs Tomas Griebling and Paul Christenson (Macy Lor) –913-588-6147

Drs Ajay Nangia and John Weigel (Sandra Walker) –913-588-0799

Drs David Duchene and Joshua Broghammer (Kerri Adams) –913-588-6982

Drs Jeffrey Holzbeierlein and Eugene Lee (Sue Gafney) –913-588-7564

Drs Priya Padmanabhan and Moben Mirza (Kegan Coleman) –913-945-6432

OUR OTHER LOCATIONS (Contact numbers above):

Drs Mirza, Lee and Padmanabhan - Cameron, MO

Dr Weigel - KUMED West

Drs Broghammer, Christenson and Wyre - Truman Medical Center, MO

Dr Nangia - Indian Creek, Overland Park (North of 435 and Nall)

Drs Holzbeierlein and Lee - Kansas University Hospital Cancer Center


Dr.'s J. Pat Murphy and John Gatti,

South Office ( Children's Mercy South) - 913-696-8570. Fax number, 913-696-8699

North Office ( Children's Mercy Downtown ) - 816-234-3199

Academic Offices:


Residency Coordinator:

Cathy Hightower - 913-588-7571

Street Address:

3901 Rainbow Blvd,
Kansas City, KS 66160

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